Victoria & Matt

Victoria & Matt

Matt and I had our first date in March 2009, got engaged June 2009 and were married November 2009. We were instantly smitten, had a whirlwind romance, a deep connection and very quickly fell hopelessly in love.

10 years later our love story continues. We have four beautiful children, good careers, a beautiful home, a busy, full, vibrant life and are living our dreams. We hope that our story can be an encouragement to others because at times I couldn’t have envisaged such a happy ending.

I had been on Christian Connection for quite a while. I’d spent hours pouring over prospective profiles, sent countless messages, had many conversations, a few dates dates and even a couple of short relationships but I hadn’t met ‘the one’. I felt quite desperate, all my friends had settled down and I thought that maybe it just wasn’t going to happen for me. I prayed (a lot!) and handed it over to God, diverting my attention on buying my first home but decided (after encouragement) to try a Christian Connection subscription one last time. Meanwhile Matt had recently decided that maybe he was ready to settle down and so likewise prayed and handed the situation over to God, believing that at the right time God would hand it back. He joined Christian Connection on a whim, on a free trial and voila... messaged me! The rest, as they say is history!

Our advice would be to pray, be really explicit with God about the life partner you are looking for and then entrust that situation to him. That doesn’t mean you can sit back and expect it all to land in your lap. Be active in your search but know that God will reward your patience, loyalty and perseverance. For some the journey to love is smooth and easy, for others it is a more bumpy ride but remember it is all in Gods perfect timing.

Ultimately I could not have been given a closer soul mate. I adore Matt. I love the way he works hard to provide for us, I love the way he parents our children, I love the way he challenges me to be a better person, I love that we get to embark on our life journey’s adventure together.

Matt is my soul mate and definitely my better half. I thank God for him and our incredible, beautiful children everyday. Keep praying, I hope you get your happy ending soon.

God bless

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