Dominika & Kevin

I was initially really apprehensive about online dating as it felt very impersonal hence only purchased membership for a month. My thinking was that if God wants me to find a partner he'll ensure he finds me quickly.
It was few days into my membership when I was moaning to my friend about the fact that no-one seems to be living locally to me when suddenly I got a message from Kevin. I was quick to show his picture to my friend who informed me that he knew him from other church and confirmed he was a nice guy. As there was a mutual friend we didn't waste time and arranged date for the same week.
Since then we: have been serving together at a local church, met each others families, got engaged, completed marriage course and are getting married and buying a house together.
God is great and he provides in many ways, I'm so grateful for his love and sending Kevin into my life. I cannot envision my life any other way.
My tip is, give people a chance, I've seen Kevin on this site but didn't notice all you do pray that godly man finds you...this seemed to have worked for me.

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