Dawn & John

Dawn & John

Our story—or journey as I like to put it—started through prayer, and there's the number one tip: spend time with God and ask specifically what you are looking for.

My lovely Dawn was praying for a husband—the man the Lord wanted her to be with—and friends were praying for her too. While I was praying for the lady God wanted me to be with, friends were praying for me also. And then, wow, it happened!

We waved at first and then after a short gap, waved again. We became members so we could message and during our first chat I said: "Let's not waste time - shall we meet tomorrow night?" Dawn agreed and we both knew after a very short time in each other's company that this was it - he's the one; she's the one.

We just connected amazingly, but then we shouldn't be amazed - we asked our heavenly Father and he did what he says he will do!

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