One evening after prayer in a time of struggle and loneliness I was guided to search Google for a christian dating site. Trusting God, I stumbled across Christian Connection and instantly felt a desire to fill out my bio. I received waves from a few men for the first week, which was overwhelming but nice.
One guy in particular stood out to me. I became interested in his profile and felt we match, having similar interests, work life, and a love for Jesus. Waiting a couple of days I finally waved back. He politely and encouragingly messaged me using kind words. I thought 'what do I have to lose?' and paid for a month subscription to chat.
After a few weeks of messaging he was able to helped me get over my mountain using scripture and words of hope, which I am extremely thankful for. We now email each other and I have asked him to come visit me in the holidays. Who knows God's plan for us? All I know is that God is faithful. I met a friend in Christ who put me on the right path to continue seeking God's will in my life.
Thank you Christian Connection for your help. My advice would be to seek God first in prayer asking for His will and reading His word continually. Praying about and for the person you met. '...and all things shall be added unto you.' (Matthew 6:33)

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