Mr S & Mrs S

Mr S & Mrs S

Never give up - God has got this for you!

We have been happily married now for 3 months and what a fantastic journey it has been. We are still absolutely smitten with each other and so thankful to our amazing God who can do all things.

My journey started in Dec 2015 when I joined Christian Connection (as well as a number of other Christian websites!) in the hope of broadening the range of Christian men I could meet and hopefully find someone I could fall in love with. Well this journey took WAY longer than I expected! By Nov 2018 I was absolutely furious with God :-P

By the end of my stint I gave up on my usual e-dating ettiquete of sending cute little personalised messages to people I liked and sent some passive aggressive waves at a few guys (my poor keyboard suffered in that last week) and prepared to close my account in a week if nothing came of it.

Well, the rest is history! God came through and brought a man beyond my dreams. Gorgeous in both body, soul and mind. And in hindsight there was a reason for the delay between searching and finding! My perfect man wasn't even in the UK yet! Or on Christian Connection. As I found out, he had come to live in the UK only 2 months before we met and only joined CC 2 days before I found him! So in reality God had not delayed at all. What a great God we have. But as they say, hindsight is a beautiful thing. So my advice is never give up. God is perfecting the circumstances and growing you as people to make something more wonderful than you can imagine.

We met in Nov 2018 maintaining a long distance relationship seeing other every weekend, got engaged Apr 2019 and had two wedding celebrations in the UK and abroad in June 2019 and Sept 2019.

Thanks must go to CC and to the amazing God we serve!!

Mr and Mrs S

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