Annie & Jeff

September 2021

Jefferey was on this site for a short time whereas I was on here just over two years. I remember reading some of the successful stories and saying out loud "One day I too will be a successful story here".

Well, here we are. Because it's a Christian-based site, it was important to me to always seek the Lord's guidance and approval first. We both had a few replies but none seemed to stand out to me by the Lord. However, you just know when at the right time, the Lord makes that connection for you.

Jeff and I have been together almost 9 months and are planning our wedding for next year. We are enjoying getting to know each other's families, and are happy with our journey together. Its a wonderful journey too. Neither of us thought it would happen but it did, with lots of prayers and patience.

My advice to those still looking for their significant other is: take the the time to get know who waves to you, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and never be discouraged when the first or second one is not the right one. It will happen, remember it is a Christian-based connection site, look for the best in who presents themselves to you and you may just be surprised.

Wishing you all the very best in finding your love here. We have and so can you. It is our prayer that you too will be a successful story here as well, and enjoy your journey together. God bless you all.

Love from Jeff and Annie

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