Joanna & Anthony

Joanna & Anthony

August 2017

I had been single for a few years, and Joanna was a single mum who had come out of a relationship. Both of us were looking for that special someone, and that special someone had to be a person we could share our faith with.

Both of us were hoping to do a bit of dating like single folk do, and we’d found our way to popular dating website Christian Connection. Jo found the site by googling “Christian dating” and other variations to see what she could find (yep that’s the web designer in Jo she can pretty much find anything online) and I became aware of the site having seen a massive advertisement poster on a tram in Croydon, do you remember that ad…

Once we connected online, we soon exchanged numbers so we could upgrade our friendship to WhatsApp chat (if you start talking on WhatsApp then it could get serious lol).

We’d taken a few months to get to know each and even had our first date in the Barbeque Grill place on the second level of Victoria Station. I was nervous but Jo played it cool of course. All our messaging and chatting had amounted to this first date, and subsequently, us booking a UK break in Brighton for the summer together. I could see by the end of the Brighton trip that Joanna had fallen in love with me and I had fallen in love with her and Shekinah. See Joanna and Shekinah come as a package and I knew I had to win the love of both of them. Thankfully Shekinah warmed to me straight away and wanted me to be her daddy. She wanted me to pick her up, play games and chat about Disney characters, and soon after that I realised I had enough love for both of them. We all had a new family – Myself, Joanna and Shekinah.

We knew God brought us together for a reason – not just to fall in love, but to heal us from our past relationships and to create something new and beautiful.

Love Anthony and Jo

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