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5 great dates for cooler weather

The changing season provides a great opportunity to switch up date ideas. Whether you’re leaving behind gloriously sunny weather and getting ready for a chillier autumn – or preparing for the start of spring – the shifting climes are a good time to try something new.

Here are some options if you need inspiration for great seasonal dates, in less clement weather.

A 4DX cinema experience

Cinema trips make for popular dates. But if you want to make it a bit different, try an immersive and memorable 4DX film screening. This provides an original date night, with a definite talking point for afterwards. As the cellular action unfolds, your seat moves with it, plus there are wind and rain effects. It’s somewhere between watching a movie, and a theme park ride – thrilling fun. You might want to hold off on the popcorn and fizzy drinks though, or you might end up wearing them!

Pumpkin picking

Pumpkins are harvested at this time of year in some parts of the world. If you live near a patch, why not make a date to visit and pick one? They’re often found at farms, farm shops and garden centres, which are often decorated beautifully, providing a pretty backdrop for your date. As it’s not a super active or interactive option, this is ideal if you want to go somewhere a bit different, but focus on chatting and getting to know one another. It’s also good for getting some daylight and fresh air even in cooler climates.

Visit a secret bar

Meeting for a drink is standard dating fare. Make it more adventurous, by arranging to meet at a ‘secret’, prohibition styled bar with an exotic and quirky menu. These are popular in cities and very trendy – some even have ice cream machines and retro games. They’re not easily located (on purpose), as you enter via a bookcase, secret door, or unmarked entrance. Finding one nearby will involve some light online research or asking around.

Baking bread together

This activity is said to be back in vogue. Making your own bread enables you to be creative and help the environment, by cutting down on plastic packaging. This is an ideal in-home date idea if you’ve been seeing one another for a while. Why not have a mini-contest to see which of you can come up with the most outlandish loaf?

Check out an art installation

Even if you’re not into fine art and portraits, installations are very accessible for all and are generally very interesting. As with virtual reality, this option will provide a talking point, as well as being an attractive backdrop in which to meet. Wandering around an art installation is more relaxed than staring each other down over coffee on a first date, and can be visited by day or night. Depending on where you’re based, you may have a choice of indoor or outdoor locations and many are free to enter.

Check out your local event listings for more quirky date ideas close to you. As well as exploring venues you may not have otherwise discovered, you could pick up a new hobby. And of course, you’ll be making the most of your dates whatever the season.

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