5 important things Easter teaches us about love - Christian Connection blog

5 important things Easter teaches us about love

Easter is a time when we remember what Jesus did for us, His death and resurrection. Yes, it’s also a time when there are many happy, fluffy lambs, Easter eggs, chocolates and bunny rabbits, but the true meaning of Easter is all about Jesus and always will be. It is a solemn time, but also a time full of hope, excitement and a fresh start. We can go through a range of emotions as we remember this significant time in Christ’s life. What can we learn through this period of Easter to help us to be more Christlike and what can we bring into our dating lives and our relationships?

7 rewarding Easter date ideas - Christian Connection blog

7 rewarding Easter date ideas

Easter is a time for reflection but also a time for joy. As Christians we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and the new life that offers. Alongside this are lots of new traditions involving chocolate, food and fluffy animals! If you’ve met someone you want to get to know better or you’re looking for something to do that makes the most of the season, here are some fun and rewarding Easter date ideas to consider. Bunny ears optional!


“Be encouraged and keep going!” – Christian Connection couples share their stories

“Both of us had spent many years looking for the right person, often feeling in tough times that it would never happen. Time and again either of us would be at someone else’s wedding and think: ‘When will it be my turn?’” This is how Charlie and Ruth opened their story when they got in touch to let us know they’d just got married after meeting on Christian Connection. Online dating can bring ups and downs. Couples who meet on Christian Connection often ask to share their stories so that those who are currently dating will be encouraged, and show how they navigated their dating experiences to find each other.

The pre-dating checklist: 4 simple questions to help you to enjoy dating and do it well - Christian Connection dating advice

The pre-dating checklist: 4 simple questions to help you to enjoy dating and do it well

How can we ensure we have a positive experience when dating? That we feel hopeful about the process and willing to continue our search for love, rather than feel depressed, down and ready to give up? Asking yourself some simple questions – a handy pre-dating checklist – can help. These questions are designed to support you to create a virtuous circle in your dating life so that you remain upbeat and enthusiastic, as opposed to being in a painful vicious cycle that leads you to stop dating. Ready to start?

Different communication styles? 5 important things that can help you connect - Christian Connection dating advice

Different communication styles? 5 important things that can help you connect

We all know communication is key when it comes to any form of relationship. It’s important to get your point across and be heard but also to listen and pay attention to others. Yet sometimes our communication styles within relationships can be an enigma or polar opposites, leading to miscommunication and a breakdown of understanding. Why is it that there are people you just ‘click’ with, and others that you find really hard work to talk to? And how can this affect dating and romantic relationships?

7 fun and simple first date ideas that aren't meeting for coffee - Christian Connection dating advice

7 fun and simple first date ideas that aren’t meeting for coffee

Messaging has been going well. You want to meet in person and chat more. The classic first date is to ‘meet for a coffee’ – simple to arrange, public and low cost. It’s a great way to test your online connection and whether there’s more to develop without the pressure of a grand setting or long time commitment. But you still want it to go well. First impressions count! So, what could you do that’s a little more interesting than a couple of cappuccinos? Here are some fun, simple first date ideas that make a great alternative to coffee.


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