5 simple steps to a positive mindset - Christian Connection dating advice

5 simple steps to a positive mindset

Turn on the TV and it’s one bad news story after another which doesn’t fill one with much confidence for a brighter tomorrow or lead naturally to a positive mindset. Our world has changed so much recently that it can be hard to see how things can get better. However, even though the world may seem all dark and gloomy right now, I think it is possible to expect this year to be better than the last. How can you do that, you may ask?

6 dating resolutions not to make this year - Dating advice from Christian Connection dating site and app

6 dating resolutions not to make this year

It’s that time of year again. First come the festivals, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, then come the New Year’s resolutions, maybe including ones for dating and relationships. Don’t tell anyone I said this but sometimes the mere thought of all these new actions I’m resolving to take makes me feel like lying down for a rest first. So that got me thinking: how about making some dating ‘anti-resolutions’ instead? You know, all the things you definitely aren’t going to do? Here are six dating resolutions not to make this year…

6 fun new year dating resolutions - Christian Connection dating advice

6 fun new year dating resolutions to make this year

Now Christmas Day is over, you might be thinking about the year ahead and what new year dating resolutions to make. It’s a great time to take a moment and reflect. ‘Twixmas’. ‘Crimbo Limbo’. ‘Romjul’ (if you speak Norwegian). Whatever you call that indefinite space between Christmas and New Year, why not do a gentle stock-take of your dating life and focus attention on the year ahead? Here are six suggestions for a fruitful year ahead…

Christian Connection online dating - New year, new date

New year, new date? 6 great reasons to start now

Is meeting someone special one of your resolutions for 2022? New year, new date – there’s never been a better time to start. More single Christians are joining Christian Connection, sending waves, likes and messages in January than at any other time. It’s a great moment to pluck up your courage and join in. Whether you’re embracing online dating for the first time or returning after a break, we’re here to help you through the process. Here are six ways to make the most of your time on Christian Connection.

Most read dating advice 2021 - Christian Connection blog

The most popular Christian Connection blogs of 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, Christmas is often the time to reflect on the past year. One of the threads that run through this year’s most popular blog posts focuses on reconnecting in person as social restrictions have eased. For many, this year has been one of self-reflection and opening up – to new experiences, relationships and connections. If you missed them, here’s our most popular dating advice from 2021.

Single at Christmas? 4 rewarding things to do - Christian Connection blog

Single at Christmas? 4 rewarding things to do

I’m the sort of person who gets excited about Christmas far too early. Come November I’m cranking out the Michael Bublé, watching every cheesy Christmas movie imaginable and taking the long way home to enjoy the lights across my city. Only this year, for the first time, I’m dreading it. I don’t know whether it’s the age I turned this summer, the fact that I don’t have a permanent home at the moment or the number of friends who have recently got engaged or had babies. This year, I’d happily fast forward straight to January. I really don’t want to do another Christmas on my own. But Christmas is coming, like it or not, and I can’t hibernate for two months. So how can we choose to enjoy Christmas as a single person, when we’re really not feeling it?


4 great Christmas date ideas

Rather than feel lonely at Christmas, remember that the festive period has a lot of dating potential. Maybe you’ll find that ‘love actually IS all around’! It’s the perfect time to get out and meet people (especially if you’re intent on getting a kiss for midnight on New Year’s Eve). With all the build up to the season, there’s a plethora of special Christmas date ideas to keep you entertained.

Make the most of Christmas - Christian Connection blog

5 simple ways to make the most of Christmas

The season leading up to Christmas is an exciting time of the year. Not only do we celebrate the birth of Jesus but it’s a great time for all kinds of treats – festive markets, hot chocolate and marshmallows, gingerbread, seeing family, twinkly lights and pantomimes. Despite cold weather in some parts of the world, it’s a heart-warming time of the year, and it’s very worthwhile looking for ways to make the most of Christmas and feel connected with others, whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship.


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