How to create your own supportive community when dating - Christian Connection dating advice

How to create your own supportive community when dating

Do you ever find yourself in a dating dilemma? Going over and over in your head what’s going on in your heart? Perhaps you feel stuck? Maybe sometimes you even feel like giving up? I know I did. During my single years I was truly grateful for people who supported me in different ways. Each one of them brought fresh insight and a sense of encouragement when I needed it. I call them an intentional supportive community and I recommend them to anyone looking to meet someone special.

Refresh your dating energy this new year - Christian Connection dating advice

Refresh your dating energy this new year

A new year is a time for fresh starts, the hopeful possibilities of good that a new year can bring and sometimes new resolutions. There is an excitement and anticipation of what the new year can bring – a bubbling energy is expectant for what God has in store for you. A fresh year maybe to find a life partner? Meet someone new? How can you find your dating energy in the new year, especially if it feels like you’re starting yet another year of being single?


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Whether you’ve just joined Christian Connection for the first time or are returning after a break, we understand that navigating the world of online dating can feel overwhelming. To help you start well and grow in confidence, we commission exclusive advice from a range of dating and relationship experts, published weekly on our blog. From creating an attractive profile to that important first message to how to plan a great date to help you get started and to flourish – we’re with you all the way! Here we look at some of the topics that have really resonated this year. Covering the earliest stages of dating – “Why your perfect partner might be right under your nose” to the things that really matter in a relationship – “5 things I wish I knew before I got married”. Wherever you are on your dating journey, we’re here to help with practical, inspiring advice. Here are our five most popular posts of the last year.

7 ways changing your old habits could help you find love in 2023 - Christian Connection dating advice

7 ways changing your old habits could help you find love in 2023

Did you know that January could be the best time to meet someone new? Many people see the new year as a time for new beginnings – an opportunity to change our habits and freshen things up, perhaps by starting a new DIY project or giving up chocolate. But did you know that this month is the most popular time to join an online dating site? If that’s you, welcome! Whether you’re trying out online dating for the very first time, returning after a break or just want to freshen things up, here at Christian Connection, we think trying something new can be the key to success when it comes to finding a partner. Here are our top tips to help you find love in 2023.

5 great ways to reclaim your joy at Christmas - Christian Connection dating advice

5 great ways to reclaim your joy at Christmas

Christmas can be a hard time if you’re single. It’s the end of the year and perhaps you were hoping that this Christmas would be the one that you spent with that special someone, or that you’d be introducing them to your family. There’s something about smiling families in TV adverts and couples in matching pyjamas that can make being single feel miserable, but I truly believe you can have joy at Christmas, regardless of your relationship or marital status.


“We’ve had so many, many adventures” – Jordan & Josh, our Christian Connection story

“Around November 2019 I joined CC. I was talking regularly with my mum about how it was going and she encouraged me to wave and chat with several people even just to make some more Christian friends. On December 17th I waved at a guy from Queensland, I had actually been avoiding anyone from Queensland originally as I lived in NSW and didn’t like the thought of moving. A few days later we began chatting and hit it off immediately…

5 simple ways to find contentment in singleness this Christmas - Christian Connection dating advice

5 simple ways to find contentment in singleness this Christmas

Winter was a time when I felt my singleness profoundly. It seemed the romance of Christmas was everywhere, with romantic Christmas movies, dates to Christmas markets and ice rinks, cosy hot chocolates and mistletoe – and I wasn’t included. Once the romance of Christmas was over, there was the pressure of New Year. All the resolutions, the desire to find a partner that very year, the realisation that another year would begin without a kiss at midnight. One question came up repeatedly: How could I find contentment in singleness during the festive season?


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