7 smart ways to avoid dating dramas - Christian Connection dating advice

7 smart ways to avoid dating dramas

Entertainment, social media and adverts all fuel our idea that romance should be relatively plain sailing. You search for a harmonious and happy relationship but you end up on a bumpy road with constant dating dramas instead of the joy and connection that you hoped for. Instead of a straightforward and stress-free path, the road you’re on has too many twists and turns. Knowing how to avoid dating dramas is the goal. The alternative can be draining, upsetting and exhausting, so how can you not let yourself get sucked into someone else’s tricky situations and how can you avoid being the person creating drama in your dating life?

How to pray through your dating experiences - Christian Connection dating advice

How to pray through your dating experiences

Sometimes when we think about prayer we think it should only apply to more ‘spiritual’ things, or serious things such as praying for healing or protection or God’s provision. But it’s amazing to know that God is interested in every area of our lives- including who we date and eventually marry. Prayer is actually not complicated; it is simply having a conversation with God. So, how exactly do you pray through your dating experiences?

6 simple questions to learn about a date’s personal relationships - Christian Connection dating advice

Better Conversations – 6 simple questions to learn about a date’s personal relationships

During the dating process it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every meaningful question and conversation about relationships should relate to romantic relationships. In fact, learning how someone interacts with and treats other people in their life can be revealing – and a lot less pressure! Rather than jump in with direct questions about previous relationships and hopes for future romance, why not ask instead about other connections – and of course, be prepared to answer similar questions too!

How to ask a date about their values - Christian Connection dating advice

Better Conversations – How to ask a date about their values

Once you start to move past the introductions and icebreakers, you’ll want to know someone more deeply – you’ll need to know about their values. Going beyond the superficial, these are the things that determine how someone really lives their life. Rather than ask outright about values, entering into a conversation about real choices and experiences can be revealing and feels more natural. Here are seven questions that help you ask a date about their values.

5 ways to ask about faith - Christian Connection dating adviceon a date

Better Conversations – 5 ways to ask about faith on a date

Looking for a partner who shares your faith is of key importance for Christian Connection members. But how can the reality of lived faith come out through dating conversation? Being able to repeat the story of how you became a Christian might be helpful, but how can you go deeper into how you experience your faith every day? Here are some conversation starters to help you to ask about and talk about your faith when you’re getting to know someone.


Better Conversations – 9 low pressure date questions

Wouldn’t it be nice if the simplest questions could get us the answers we need? Or if we could answer a question about our hopes, what motivates us, or who we care about in a way that doesn’t sound like a cliché? Often if we’re asked about our values, our priorities, relationships, faith and anything that goes deeper than our favourite burger, conversational stage fright can set in. Or we can be so well prepared with a ‘good’ answer, we might not stop to reflect on whether things have changed or we’re being as open as we could be. Here are nine low pressure date questions to take a conversation deeper without awkwardness…

6 simple dating icebreakers - Christian Connection dating advice

Better Conversations – 6 simple dating icebreakers

Speaking for the first time can be an anxious experience. No matter how much you’re looking forward to finally hearing someone’s voice – whether on the phone, a video call or face to face across a café table – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous. Having some simple dating icebreakers can really help. As part of Christian Connection’s #BetterDating resources, we’re starting the #BetterConversations week with some easy questions to launch into that first chat without nerves.


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