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Change vs compromise: 7 important things to consider - Christian Connection dating advice

Change vs compromise: 7 important things to consider

How often do we hear – or say – “I’m not going to change for anyone”, “I am who I am”, or “This is me and if you can’t deal with me, move on”? The idea of making changes to ourselves can feel like compromise – but should it? How does this work when dating – are we expected to change for someone? Should they change for us? Or can we remain exactly as we are, no matter what?

7 more free date ideas to explore - Christian Connection dating advice

7 more free date ideas to explore

Wanting to make good first (or second or third) impression when you meet for a date is an understandable goal. Sometimes your budget makes that tricky. If your wallet needs a rest, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable date that’s memorable for all the right reasons. If you’re prepared to be creative, here are more free date ideas you can explore together. Some will even add to your skills as you go!

10 reasons why differences are great for a relationship - Christian Connection dating advice

10 reasons why differences are great for a relationship

It has been said that opposites attract, and whilst that is true to an extent, a difference in personalities is often cited as the main reason for the breakdown of many relationships. Whilst it is important to have some key things in common with the person you’re in a relationship with, for example, a shared faith, similar moral values, and world views, it is also possible to have a great relationship with someone that is quite different from you. In fact, I believe our differences can have a positive impact on our relationship and even make it all the better.


How to date with great self-worth

When my single friends or coaching clients ask me for feedback on their dating profiles, I often point out that they are selling themselves short. I know these people, either personally or through my work. I know that they are vibrant and colourful, or intuitive and intelligent, or funny and friendly, or supportive and kind, or generous and open-hearted, or, in many cases, all of the above. Yet this doesn’t come across in their profiles…

7 cheap date ideas to make great memories - Christian Connection dating advice

7 cheap date ideas to make great memories

Getting to know someone is a time for fun, newness and adventure – but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather than feel pressured to spend money that’s needed elsewhere, get creative with some simple and fun cheap date ideas that can help to build your connection and make memories. Whether you’re meeting for the first time or looking for something to spend quality time together, read on to be inspired and get planning.

3 simple ways to be a blessing as you date - Christian Connection dating advice

3 simple ways to be a blessing as you date

The dating world can sometimes be a minefield, and even more so if it’s your first time stepping out of your comfort zone to try to meet people. Dating itself can be very exciting; you get to meet new people, make friends and hopefully end up with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Wouldn’t it be great along the way if everyone acted with courtesy and grace when dealing with each other on the dating scene? Here’s how you can be a blessing to others as you date.

6 simple questions to learn about a date’s personal relationships - Christian Connection dating advice

Better Conversations – 6 simple questions to learn about a date’s personal relationships

During the dating process it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every meaningful question and conversation about relationships should relate to romantic relationships. In fact, learning how someone interacts with and treats other people in their life can be revealing – and a lot less pressure! Rather than jump in with direct questions about previous relationships and hopes for future romance, why not ask instead about other connections – and of course, be prepared to answer similar questions too!


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