Becoming family? 6 helpful things to consider when integrating your lives - Christian Connection dating and relationship advice

Becoming family? 6 helpful things to consider when integrating your lives

Integrating your lives can be one of the biggest challenges in a relationship – whatever stage of life you meet at, family is a factor. Whether you’re just starting out in dating or find yourself single later in life, you’ll be likely to encounter people who are related to the person you’re getting to know – parents, children and maybe many more relations. And you’ll probably need to get to know them too! Where do you start?

7 things to consider before dating after loss - Christian Connection dating advice

7 things to consider before dating after loss

Someone called remarriage “the triumph of hope over experience”. I see it as the triumph of hope AND experience. A tangible sign of grace in the possibility of being granted new chances, especially if the thought of dating after loss seems overwhelming. As CS Lewis said of his own late marriage, “I never expected to have in my sixties the happiness that passed me by in my twenties.” But considering dating, starting a new relationship, and eventually creating a new marriage after a divorce or bereavement has its complications, and here are some issues worth reflecting on.

How to create your own supportive community when dating - Christian Connection dating advice

How to create your own supportive community when dating

Do you ever find yourself in a dating dilemma? Going over and over in your head what’s going on in your heart? Perhaps you feel stuck? Maybe sometimes you even feel like giving up? I know I did. During my single years I was truly grateful for people who supported me in different ways. Each one of them brought fresh insight and a sense of encouragement when I needed it. I call them an intentional supportive community and I recommend them to anyone looking to meet someone special.

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The most popular Christian Connection blogs of 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, Christmas is often the time to reflect on the past year. One of the threads that run through this year’s most popular blog posts focuses on reconnecting in person as social restrictions have eased. For many, this year has been one of self-reflection and opening up – to new experiences, relationships and connections. If you missed them, here’s our most popular dating advice from 2021.

Dating after divorce - Christian Connection advice

6 helpful tips for dating after divorce

It might sound negative to talk about dating after divorce – or even divorce – on a Christian dating site but the reality is that many of us know the pain of divorce yet truly desire a marriage which is ‘till death us do part’. I’ve travelled this road. Married in my mid-twenties, I found myself alone in my forties when my husband left me for someone else he had become involved with. I then spent several years as a single person before meeting and marrying a lovely man who had been through his own difficult divorce before we met. Here’s what I found helpful to consider about dating after divorce along the way:


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