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What you loved! The most popular articles of 2018

Well, 2018 is almost over and we’ve seen more visitors to the Christian Connection blog this year than any other year. Here are our top 5 most popular articles of the year, in reverse order.

#5 – Where are all the single people?

by Lora Thorley

“It takes a lot of courage to plan a meet up or event. As a single person you might feel embarrassed about running an event and putting yourself out there. You’ve no idea how many jokes I’ve had to endure about Honoured existing purely for me to find a boyfriend! However I can tell you from experience that the exhilaration that comes from running singles events is well worth it.”

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#4 – Building Godly relationships

by Urenna Kiwanuka

“A godly relationship will draw you closer to God. Whether it is praying together, or attending church, or even having discussions about your faith, when two people in a relationship love God, there is a certain level of depth to that relationship.”

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#3 – On not hurting anyone while dating

by Harma-Mae Smith

“I came up against this reality-that in romantic relationships, you are choosing one person out of all others that exist on the planet. You are being exclusive, and rejecting others is an inescapable part of the process. When I tried to gently let down a guy, I knew all too well the searing disappointment he could be feeling.”

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#2 – Seven bad reasons to get married

by HopefulGirl

“When everyone around you is settling down and you’re keen to do the same, it’s easy to get swept along in the romance of an engagement and wedding. But if you’re not certain that you’re doing the right thing, consider these seven BAD reasons to get married… plus seven GOOD ones!”

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#1 – Five things worth looking for in a prospective spouse

by Tamarin Fountain

“Of course attraction is important and especially with online dating it can be easy to filter by photos and first date first impressions as an initial guide, but when it comes to long-lasting love, beauty is certainly more than skin deep.”

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Here’s looking to 2019 and wishing you a happy and successful year of dating.

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