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The soul mate test

Soul mates.

We hear a lot about finding that person who was prepared by God. We call him or her our “soul mate.” You won’t actually have a soul mate until you’ve mated another soul. Once you’ve married, you have found your soul mate. Until then you are looking for the person you’d like to make your soul mate.

I am often on Twitter and see young women in particular sending messages to their “future husbands.” Last night a young girl tweeted that she was praying for her future husband whom she had never even met. Have you ever wondered if you met your soul mate, would you know right away? If God has a perfect partner planned for you, and if you met them, would you recognize that person?

Take the soul mate test so that when you meet the love of your life, you will recognize the signs that make this person a good choice for forever early in the relationship. Because the good things you see in dating should be the things that continue throughout marriage.

1. Can I be myself around you?

When you meet your soul mate, there is an ease in which you can truly be yourself around that person. In fact, when things are meant to be, there is effortlessness in God’s plans. In true love, you can truly be yourself.

2. Is there a level of comfort and free flow between us?

With a soul mate, conversation just flows. You really understand each other, and there is a level of indescribable comfort.

3. Do you get me and appreciate me?

A soul mate understands you and appreciates you at your deepest levels possible. This is not just a romantic fantasy, but a notion that forms a brick in an incredible foundation of a future together. To be a true teammate in life, your partner needs to “get” you, understand you and most of all appreciate you.

4. Do you have eyes for only me?

Soul mates have an indescribable connection, and when you meet your soul mate you can’t deny this fact. As a result of such a connection, your partner will have eyes for only you, and he/she is not scanning the room looking at everyone else or checking out other potential partners.

5. Are you truly irreplaceable?

There is a precious quality in the relationship; you are meant to be together so as a result, you are irreplaceable. God has made that person for you and vice versa, so there is a level of respect in this relationship when you both know that the other one is not so easily replaced in life.

6. When we talk about the future, do we connect on all levels around what we want in life?

Soul mates are compatible and want the same things in life. Part of that intense connection is that they are aligned in their goals as well as visions of their lives. In other words, they want the same things out of life.

7. Do I have my best life with you in it?

Soul mates can have great lives individually but when they meet their life partners who they are truly meant to be with as part of God’s plan, then life becomes that much more blessed.

8. Can my dreams be reality, and then I am blessed even more with you in my life?

Soul mates do not give up their dreams to marry each other. Instead, life partners anointed by God are able to fulfill their dreams and marry partners who help them make their dreams a reality.

9. Do I like who I am in this relationship?

In God’s plan soul mates grow into who they are meant to be with the advantage of having their life partner. Such individuals are great people who become a unified and unstoppable force together.

10. Is our level of connection effortless?

When you meet your soul mate, you will know it. The connection is effortless and undeniable in nature. This does not mean that your relationship will not require work, but the work can be fun when you are with the right person in your life.

This article was originally published on Single Matters on 3rd April 2014.

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