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Waiting on love

Have you ever felt like you were waiting to get on with life? Many people live their lives according to a “happy when…” formula. This means they are waiting to “become happy” as details fall into place in their lives around the fulfillment of their heart’s desires. For example, they will be happy WHEN they get that new job, a new love, a new opportunity or more.

In the season of singleness, have you ever felt like you were waiting to get started with your life? Do you feel stuck and stagnant in dating? Not just a little stuck, but really stuck as you try to walk forward and feel like you are making no headway at all? This feeling can be much like the experience of being in suspended animation by wanting to move forward, but feeling quite stuck.

Many people feel quite simply like their love lives are in that same “suspended animation.”  Essentially, they are waiting on love.

This period of time is a season and there is tremendous value in waiting on love. During this season of singleness we have an opportunity to really look at who we are and what we want out of life. Often we need to complete lessons in life around what we don’t want in order to get clear about what we do want in this world. Love is much the same way.

Along the road to marriage, we may have to go through a lot of lessons of what we do not want, how we need to stop acting in relationships, and more. The fortunate part is that we get to press a type of “redo button” and we can start all over again as we meet someone new along the way.

Another valuable part of the journey of “waiting on love” is that we get to learn valuable lessons of compatibility. Attraction is not the foundation from which marriage is easily built upon. In long term relationships there are seasons of misunderstandings, troubles, and other challenges. Attraction will not get you through these tough times because sex is only one facet of an entire relationship.

While waiting on love we get to figure out who would be a compatible partner for us in life so that when we see the possibility of love partnerships we do not get lost in the attraction factor and instead hold out for connection as well as compatibility. If we didn’t take the time to sort out the compatibility extrovert and introvert factor as well as other details of who would make our ideal partners then we would just be swept into these attractions.

Imagine for a moment loving travelling and then you meet an attractive person who doesn’t enjoy leaving their home. This is a deal breaker and the relationship will not work because of core compatibility issues. In the season of waiting on love and being single we get to work out those deal breakers in advance so that we do not waste our valuable time or life energy in potential relationships that go nowhere.

Nobody likes to wait and patience really is a virtue but the season of waiting on love will be one of the more important seasons of your life so that you learn in advance the lessons of how to truly detect true partnership potential when love comes your way.

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