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4 Christian principles that will help your relationships

It’s been said many times before that becoming a Christian changes everything.

This truism got me thinking about how our faith impacts our relationships.

When Nicky and Sila Lee started their now famous Marriage and Parenting courses, they weren’t expecting non-Christians to turn up. But they soon found their courses, although built on Christian principles, were so practical that many outside of the church benefitted from them.

Hearing this got me thinking about what these Christian principles are, and how they can impact our relationships for the better.

1. Love
Love is at the centre of Christianity. But what does love really mean? In Christian thinking, love is sacrificial and self-giving. One of the most important pieces of relationship advice I’ve heard is that true love is all about putting the other person’s needs before your own. This isn’t just the core of Christian marriage, it’s also at the core of who God is (as he gave/sacrificed his Son for us).

2. Forgiveness
Another key aspect of Christian faith is the belief that because God has forgiven me, I must forgive others. A relationship can stand or fall based entirely on whether both parties are willing to forgive. Your relationship will not last unless forgiveness is allowed to flow freely between you both.

3. Joy
Contrary to popular belief, the Bible has a lot to say about joy. God doesn’t want us to be miserable, and he certainly doesn’t want us to be in joyless relationships. If being a Christian makes you miserable 24/7 you’re probably doing it wrong. The same goes for relationships.

4. Faithfulness
Jesus has promised to never leave us, nor forsake us. The marriage vows are similar (till death do us part). God will always love me no matter what I do. Will you choose to love and be faithful, even if this isn’t always reciprocated? It’s a huge challenge.

It should go without saying that Christians do not have the monopoly on love, forgiveness, joy and faithfulness. But these principles are integral to who we are and what we believe. So let’s apply them not just to the way we live out our faith broadly, but how we live out our relationships specifically. Whether Christian or not, these principles are vital for every relationship to succeed.

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