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5 ways technology has made dating better and easier

While older generations may at times be mystified by the modern methods of dating and some say it was more straightforward in the past, advances in technology have provided us with quite literally a world of opportunities that weren’t available in the days of yore. Here are some of the ways the internet and smart devices have improved and continue to improve the experience, making it safer, simpler and more accessible than ever…

1. Internet dating

Prior to the e-revolution, if you wanted to engage with singles on an international basis you had some serious distance to span geographically. There are many clear benefits to internet dating, but it’s also a great help for those planning to relocate, and for those who work offshore or away from home. Online dating enables you to cover a vast amount of ground, start chats and get to know people whether you’re many miles away – or just down the road.

2. Apps

If internet dating has made life easier, apps have made the use of these sites even easier. Now you can make the most of your spare time while on the go: commuting, waiting in lengthy queues and in your lunch break (the caveat to this and all web based activity, is to be careful with location services, ensuring you’re never publicly revealing your whereabouts to strangers, so do check your device and app settings).  Apps are user-friendly: notifications help take the place of an overload of emails to read, while bookmarks and filters help direct your attention to where – and who – you want, in nano time. Perfect for the time-poor single wanting to mingle.

3. Social media

Ok, this can be a blessing or a curse, but use it wisely and it can be a very useful tool when it comes to getting to know someone. Social media can be a good way to get a feel for a person and check out if what they say aligns with their profile, posts, photos and online presence in general. You may also find you have friends or followers in common, helping to act as a form of personal reference.

4. Accountability

Using reputable dating and social media sites mean that you have a route for reporting anything inappropriate or of concern. While this can’t, of course, carry any guarantees for online activity, it does provide a level of filtration and a place to raise issues that you don’t have if you meet someone in bar or at an event.

5. Niche dating sites

With so many dating sites on offer, you can choose to spread your net wide with a very generic/cover all site, or opt for one that caters to the type of person you’re looking for. The latter means you don’t waste time and energy sifting through profiles of people with very different priorities, wants and lifestyles to you. This is especially good news for Christians, providing the opportunity to connect with many more believers than you might come across at just your own church, workplace or community groups – and all under one virtual roof.

It’s important to recognise too that there can be risks associated with storing your info and being active online, but there are plenty of simple ways to protect yourself: install virus protection, don’t publicly reveal sensitive personal data like birthdate and address, use unique passwords that can’t be guessed and change them regularly.

The incredible advances in technology over the past couple of decades has put the world of dating quite literally at your fingertips and when it comes to finding love, may just be your best friend.

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