7 inspiring energetic date ideas - Christian Connection dating advice

7 inspiring energetic date ideas

Some days the idea of a casual coffee or sedate walk just isn’t going to make the cut for a date. Whether you’re naturally high energy or just fancy trying something different, embracing an energetic date idea or two can give you something to bond over and maybe find a new shared interest. If you enjoy an adrenaline-packed experience or are just feeling bored of the usual routine, doing something active together could be a great change, and it doesn’t have to be expensive – or risky!

7 inspiring energetic date ideas - Christian Connection dating advice

Aerial adventure

Activities that lift your feet from the ground can be emotionally uplifting too. You may not make it to the Olympics but you can spend an afternoon dreaming of a medal as you take to the trampoline! Or release your inner child as you jump around on a bounce house or bouncy castle. Maybe find a circus skills class and try a trapeze!
Whether you challenge each other to high-flying stunts, compete in friendly games, or simply enjoy getting out of breath in a joyful jumping session, it’s a playful date should leave you both laughing and feeling rejuvenated.

Get on your bikes

If the weather is favourable, it could be fun to embark on a two wheeled adventure and set off on a bike ride together. Many places offer cheap and accessible cycle hire if you don’t own one already, or you may be able to borrow a bike from a friend.

As well as being able to take the route at your own pace – leisurely or challenging – you can choose where to go and what to take in. Even having an hour or so free is enough time to cycle around a park or the local area. It doesn’t have to be an expedition.

Choose a route that takes you through somewhere you’d like to explore. You might be able to reach a scenic spot in time for sunset, make tracks on new paths, stop for a picnic, or set a target that pushes you into challenging terrain, making the most of nature.
If you really want to test your connection, see if you can hire a tandem!

Rock Climbing

These days it doesn’t matter if you live in the mountains or an urban sprall, it’s no longer difficult to scale the heights on a date. Indoor climbing centres are growing in popularity and offer a safe environment to leave the ground behind. Booking a short session as a taster means you can test your limits safely and retire to the café quickly if necessary! There are simple guides to what to expect and getting started so you don’t need to feel nervous.

If you’re brave and more experienced, you could head to the great outdoors and work as a team to climb together. Not one to try if you’re not confident and properly equipped, but certainly one of those energetic date ideas that will be memorable and a bonding experience.

7 inspiring energetic date ideas - Christian Connection dating adviceDance party

Perhaps you’re not a future ballerina or disco king but you can still enjoy the sensations and movement of dance – an energetic date idea that will also let you express yourself! If you’re a nervous novice, find a dance class together and learn a classic style – or improvise, nobody will mind.
As you move to the rhythm of the music, you’ll not only improve your coordination but also enhance your non-verbal communication skills. Plus, dancing is an excellent form of exercise and a great mood booster.

Theme park fun!

If you want to add some managed adventure to your date, a trip to a theme park could be ideal. Sometimes the adrenaline rush makes up for the lack of activity – jumping on a roller coaster together will feel like a work out, even if it’s just from the screaming! Spending a day trying rides and attractions isn’t the most energetic outing but will bring lots of stimulation and fun moments to remember.

Water adventures

Taking to the water offers a range of options for a fun date. If you live near a natural site or could easily travel to one, organised kayaking or canoeing can be challenging as well as enjoyable. If you want to be closer still to the water, wind surfing might be the answer. But if an outdoor lake isn’t an option, local swimming pools are often a low cost, easy access place to visit. You might even find an aqua aerobics class or water volleyball game on offer!

Test your detective skills

Put your problem-solving skills to the test by visiting an escape room or organising a scavenger hunt for your date. Working on clues and keeping moving should create a fun experience with lots of conversation starters. While you could end up running around to find solutions, you could probably find something with a more sedate pace if your energy levels have limits!

Keen to try a more energetic date idea or two?

Trying some energetic dates and meet ups now and again can be a fantastic way to break out of your regular dating routine. It’s an easy way to bring some excitement and adventure to getting to know each other. Stepping outside your comfort zone, try something new, and you might make some memories as well as boosting your happy hormones.

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