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“We gave each other a second chance” – Angie & David, our Christian Connection story

“My now-husband David and I first started chatting on Christian Connection, after he ‘accidentally’ liked me, when he thought he was only putting me on a saved list! I initiated conversation, and looking back on our chat, the poor guy was writing me essays and I was giving him short responses. I am a truly terrible person! And to add to that, I regrettably ghosted him after a while as life got busy and I was experiencing disappointment after disappointment in my love life. Not that it is any excuse! But regardless, God had other plans…

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One of the leading news sites for online dating has featured Christian Connection., aims to be “at the heart of the dating industry” and is home to extensive coverage of dating coaches, matchmakers, apps, websites, and everything in between. They spoke to director Joff Williams about how the Christian Connection has grown to become one of the most popular faith-based dating platforms today.


“I’m blown away and thankful for all God has done” – Christian Connection couples share their stories

Every story shared by Christian Connection couples is unique – and often full of surprises. Behind the #MetOnCC hashtags are the nervous waves, faltering first messages and cautious first dates that start so many modern love stories – but the stories don’t end there! If you’re wondering how Christian Connection members go from creating their profiles to walking down the aisle, read about couples who connected simply and prayerfully online, and those who overcame distance and pandemic restrictions to be together. Joy, encouragement and thankfulness abound!


“It was an adventurous yet beautiful journey” – Georgia & Peter, our Christian Connection story

“It was March 2020 and the Australian Government had just announced strict physical distancing measures in response to the spread of COVID-19. Peter was quite active on the Sydney dating scene, having been on many dates throughout the previous spring and summer, predominantly through dating apps Christian Connection and Hinge. However, he was yet to find a compatible partner. He was motivated and ready…


“It was like we had known each other forever” – Christian Connection couples share their stories

Joining Christian Connection might just be life-changing! That’s the testimony of all the couples who get in touch to share their #MetOnCC love stories as an encouragement to others. From couples who lived far apart whose paths would never have crossed, to those who discovered they shared mutual friends, each story is unique – with some key things in common! Behind each joyful wedding and engagement photo is that first nervous wave and message, the uncertain first date, and the back and forth of growing together after meeting online, made special by the two people at the heart of it.

5 simple ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day on Christian Connection - dating advice

5 simple ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day on Christian Connection

We like to think of Valentine’s day as a perfect excuse to spread some love, both for ourselves and others. It’s a time when many people are thinking about romance and dating – it can be hard to avoid! – so it’s a really good opportunity if you want to meet someone. You don’t need to take it all seriously, but instead think of Valentine’s Day as something fun if you want to use the time to make new connections. Here are five ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day – either on it for before – on Christian Connection.


2022’s most popular Christian Connection blog posts

Whether you’ve just joined Christian Connection for the first time or are returning after a break, we understand that navigating the world of online dating can feel overwhelming. To help you start well and grow in confidence, we commission exclusive advice from a range of dating and relationship experts, published weekly on our blog. From creating an attractive profile to that important first message to how to plan a great date to help you get started and to flourish – we’re with you all the way! Here we look at some of the topics that have really resonated this year. Covering the earliest stages of dating – “Why your perfect partner might be right under your nose” to the things that really matter in a relationship – “5 things I wish I knew before I got married”. Wherever you are on your dating journey, we’re here to help with practical, inspiring advice. Here are our five most popular posts of the last year.

7 ways changing your old habits could help you find love in 2023 - Christian Connection dating advice

7 ways changing your old habits could help you find love in 2023

Did you know that January could be the best time to meet someone new? Many people see the new year as a time for new beginnings – an opportunity to change our habits and freshen things up, perhaps by starting a new DIY project or giving up chocolate. But did you know that this month is the most popular time to join an online dating site? If that’s you, welcome! Whether you’re trying out online dating for the very first time, returning after a break or just want to freshen things up, here at Christian Connection, we think trying something new can be the key to success when it comes to finding a partner. Here are our top tips to help you find love in 2023.


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