“I had a sneaking suspicion my feelings were growing deeper” – Matt & Vicky, our Christian Connection story

Matt and Vicky met on Christian Connection and recently got married. Matt said, “I figured it was time to be proactive in looking for a partner rather than just waiting around. I wanted to use a Christian site as it is in line with my faith and beliefs.” For Vicky, it was a time for change: “I had used Christian Connection previously in my 20s but had taken a number of years out to be intentionally single. I prayed a lot about rejoining CC and felt that God said the time was right.”

Here’s the rest of their meeting story.

Can you remember the joining process and your first impressions?

The free trial at the time gave an opportunity to get a feel for the site before committing to a subscription.

"I had a sneaking suspicion my feelings were growing deeper" - Matt & Vicky, our Christian Connection storyWhat were the most important things to include in your profile?

Matt: The most important things for me was including the type of person you are looking for and which values you want to share with a future partner. An honest account of where you are in your faith, as well as current photos!

Vicky: Full paragraphs of information and a selection of recent photos. So many profiles just had a couple of words in each section which didn’t give any information to those reading the profile.

How did you first connect?

Vicky waved, Matt waved back. Vicky sent the first message!

How did things develop?

Due to lockdown and personal circumstances, we didn’t meet for 3 months after we initially started talking online. We actually didn’t even FaceTime (wouldn’t recommend that in hindsight!)

What did you do on your first date?

We went for a walk in local woodlands which turned into a 3 hour long hike!

Were there any awkward moments along the way?

Lots! Matt didn’t pick up on any of my hints to go on a second date and then when we did go on one, I casually mentioned it was almost dinner time. Matt replied by saying that he had a lasagne at home waiting for him!

"I had a sneaking suspicion my feelings were growing deeper" - Matt & Vicky, our Christian Connection storyWhen did you ‘know’?

Matt: I had a sneaking suspicion that my feelings were growing deeper when Vicky treated me so well for my 40th birthday, just 3 months after our first date.

Vicky: I took a much more cautious approach as I wanted to be sure of my feelings. I only told my best friend that Matt could be husband material after 6 months of dating.

How did you get engaged?

On a camping trip away in Derbyshire. Vicky was feeling quite tired and wanted to stay in the tent and play another game of Battleships. Matt insisted on setting up a firepit and getting the marshmallows out. With the firepit lit and the sun setting, Matt got down on one knee. Vicky cried happy tears for about 3 hours!

How was your wedding?

Amazing! Throughout the planning process and on the day itself, we could see God’s provision and Goodness over all things. From dodging the rain showers to a massive rainbow over the ocean, God was with us 100%.

"I had a sneaking suspicion my feelings were growing deeper" - Matt & Vicky, our Christian Connection storyWhat’s happened since?

We moved in together to a house we got just before the wedding and have started a full house renovation project!

What are the best things about life together?

It is so nice to be in the same space and have people over for meals. We are enjoying having fellowship together.

What do you enjoy / appreciate about each other?

We are both very different characters. Matt is very relaxed and chilled out, whereas Vicky is more proactive and task focused. We balance each other out in a lot of ways.

Thank you for sharing your lovely story, Matt and Vicky! We’re thrilled to have helped you meet at the right time!

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