7 fun and simple first date ideas that aren't meeting for coffee - Christian Connection dating advice

7 fun and simple first date ideas that aren’t meeting for coffee

Messaging has been going well. You want to meet in person and chat more. The classic first date is to ‘meet for a coffee’ – simple to arrange, public and low cost. It’s a great way to test your online connection and whether there’s more to develop without the pressure of a grand setting or long time commitment. But you still want it to go well. First impressions count! So, what could you do that’s a little more interesting than a couple of cappuccinos? Here are some fun, simple first date ideas that make a great alternative to coffee.

Because there’s a chance you’re both nervous, keep it relaxed, easy and low key. Planning for a short first date is smart. You can always leave some flexibility in your schedule so you can extend if things are going well. If you can’t, don’t worry – a second date may well be on the cards! But first, let’s focus on some simple first date ideas that can get things started.

7 simple first date ideas that aren't meeting for coffee - Christian Connection dating adviceTry a different drink!

Hot chocolate, tea, smoothies, bubble tea, milkshake – the beverage world is your oyster! Rather than suggest the standard table for two in a chain coffee shop, have a think about something more adventurous. Or just something more to your taste – not everyone likes coffee. With more exciting options to try than in the early years of dating, an unusual drink destination is a great conversation starter and an opportunity to show your local knowledge. Who doesn’t want to be the person who knows the location of the world’s best hot chocolate!

Breakfast or brunch

Instead of a long, drawn out lunch or dinner date when you haven’t met before, why not give the first meal of the day a chance as a date? This can be particularly good if you have a busy schedule as it can be quick and easy to arrange. Whether you just have toast and tea or try the more elaborate brunch options, you can chat while you get ready to face the day. Though the early hour might mean it’s not the ideal first date if you’re prone to getting hangry!

7 simple first date ideas that aren't meeting for coffee - Christian Connection dating adviceJust desserts

Another simple food-based date is to skip the starters and mains and just go straight to dessert. Some restaurants don’t mind diners just stopping by for pudding, if they’re not busy, but many places now have dedicated dessert cafes. If you want your first date to come with a guaranteed sugar rush, why not see what’s within easy reach?

Ice cream dates are also a popular option, either at an ice cream parlour or as part of a walk. Debate flavours and toppings as you start to get to know each other!

A simple walk

One of the easiest – and also most definitely the cheapest – first date options is to take a walk together. Depending on where you live or what’s nearby, this can be a gentle stroll or roll, for those with mobility issues or who want to relax, or more of a hike. Whether you live somewhere scenic or not, remember it’s about you getting to know each other, not ticking off landmarks. And if you don’t grab a drink on your way, you can always stop off for something if the chat is developing well.

Do bear in mind staying somewhere you feel confident and safe. You can check out our advice for meeting up safely here.

7 simple first date ideas that aren't meeting for coffee - Christian Connection dating adviceA quick game!

What is in your local area that could make a fun first date? If either of you have an interest in a particular sport or game, could that be a great ice breaker for your first in-person meet.

Some local parks have chess boards or table tennis available for anyone to use (you may need to bring the bats!) or there may be a games café within easy travelling distance. If not, some cafes have board games for visitors to use. You may need to resort to the standard coffee to ensure you’re wide awake for the competition though!

Free museum or gallery

Don’t rule out a cultural site for a first meet up. Many art galleries and museums are free or cheap to visit, and offer an array of talking points. You don’t have to be very interested or knowledgeable to drop by – you can learn together as you go, or discuss what catches your eye. If you or your date are an expert – or wannabe expert – in what’s on display, the conversation is sure to be lively. Just remember not to do all the talking – you’re not there for a conversation not a lecture!

Local place of interest

If you’re meeting someone who doesn’t know the area, you could play tour guide! You may not think you live somewhere that would draw visitors from miles away to see the sights, but don’t underestimate what could be a talking point. Local churches, statues, memorials, quirky houses, nature reserves, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, beaches, viewing points – need we go on? Sharing about the place you live – or exploring a new place together – is an opportunity to share about yourself too. What do these places mean to you?

And remember, you’re there to get to know each other – the main point of interest is you!

Of course, you can still do a coffee date if that’s what appeals… but think about how it can be a little more interesting!

What other simple first date ideas would you recommend?

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