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5 signs that they are really into you!

It’s a really great feeling to finally meet someone you feel a connection with but does that online connection translate in person? Here are 5 principles taken from Song of Solomon (NLT 2007) that will help you know if they are really into you!

It’s Obvious

‘…it’s obvious how much he loves me’ (2:4)

Gideon had some doubts, so he used a fleece to get some clear signs and answers from God. (Judges 6:36-40) Recognising someone is into you will be plain to see and should not require constant double checking with God and testing for signs. Even if someone starts off a bit shy, it will become obvious that they are into you.

They Initiate

‘Let me see you; let me hear your voice’ (2:14)

You know he or she is really into you when they initiate and let you know they want to see and spend time with you. They will also be responding to your requests for another date and will not be waiting for you to make all the moves!

They are Curious

‘He is lovely in every way’ (5:16)

Someone who is interested will want to get to know you. They will be the kind of person that will come to know the little things about you, for example, they may notice how many sugars you put in your tea and that it is not the same amount in your coffee, or that you rarely put salt on your food. Yes, they really do want to know the little things about you!

They Watch You

‘I am overcome by one glance of your eyes’ (4:9)

He or she can’t help it but they just love watching you! It could be when you are in a crowded room or watching a movie together that you catch him or her gazing admiringly at you.

They Are Open about Dating You

‘Such, o women of Jerusalem, is my lover, my friend’ (5:16)

The one that is into you is not going to want to hide you. They will let their friends and family know and be excited to say that they found someone as fabulous as you. Even if you worry about meeting someone through an online dating site, trust that the person that is really into you will be more focused on sharing the wonderful story of how God brought you together in such an amazing way!

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