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7 rewarding Easter date ideas

Easter is a time for reflection but also a time for joy. As Christians we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and the new life that offers. Alongside this are lots of new traditions involving chocolate, food and fluffy animals! If you’ve met someone you want to get to know better or you’re looking for something to do that makes the most of the season, here are some fun and rewarding Easter date ideas to consider. Bunny ears optional!

There are plenty of engaging Easter date ideas for this time of year to make the most of the season and traditions, and what’s happening at church and beyond at this time. Whether you’re looking for activities to help keep your dating life fresh and vibrant, maybe something a little different from the usual dates, or something fun to do with friends, Easter is a great reason to try something new – and a fantastic excuse for chocolate!


If you’re already in touch, you could do something together for Lent in the build up to Easter. Normally this means giving something up to remember the sacrifice that Jesus gave for us. However, you can use it to ‘do something’ as well – maybe you could take the time to read God’s word together each day, find a daily Bible verse to share, pray for certain topics during this time of Lent.

You can use it as a productive time to get closer to God together, which in turn boosts your dating life and your relationship, helping you to become closer. You could still give something up together and be accountable to each other. This can be a profitable time and also would mean that you get into the habit of communicating every day, if that’s what you both want to do at whatever stage of your relationship you’re at.

Church or community projects

There are normally extra church services on at this time. You could go to a Good Friday service together for some quiet contemplation or celebrate on Easter Day, or take part in community activities. Easter normally revolves around food, so there may be a chance to help out with an Easter lunch or garden party, where you can serve together and fellowship amongst other Christians.

Sometimes there are local performances of the Mystery Plays that you can watch or take part in, or a prayer walk or pilgrimage as a group. Dating amongst a group situation can provide a different dynamic and you can learn more about your date as they navigate different settings, in an accountable situation.

Visit some cute animals!

7 rewarding Easter date ideas - Christian Connection blogSometimes over the Easter period, farms open up to display their animals and their young. This makes for a fun and active date idea. Sometimes you can feed them, pet them and – depending on the time of year – you can sometimes go to ‘lambing’ sessions to see them being born.

This isn’t necessarily just a country date. Urban or city farms are often an overlooked resource for adults, so why not find out what’s nearby and embrace that sense of wonder and spend some time in nature and creation?

Easter egg hunt!

We all love an Easter egg hunt, no matter what our age. The thrill of the chase – and chocolate! It’s something fun that you can either arrange personally for your date, with friends, or you can find a community one nearby. You can keep it traditional and just hide and search for chocolate eggs, or you could personalise it a little by adding little notes with each one.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could make it into a treasure hunt to find a bigger egg or present at the end. Whether you keep it simple or go large, enjoy the unexpected – and the treats afterwards.

Easter crafts

7 rewarding Easter date ideas - Christian Connection blogEaster’s focus on new life can bring a fresh burst of creativity even if you’re just dabbling in little art projects for fun. There is always a great sense of satisfaction when you make something together, and there are plenty of craft ideas related to this time of year you can dive into.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you could go for a classic craft project: get the paints out and decorate eggs. You could go to an Easter wreath making class, or make Easter decorations together, and even embrace the modern tradition of an Easter tree.

If you want to share some greetings of the season, you could make Easter cards together to send to friends – or to each other. Paint the flowers that are out at this time of year, Christian imagery or Easter symbols.

If you want something to last beyond the season you could paint Easter mugs or plates together. There may be pottery cafes nearby that offer a warm and relaxing environment to paint their wares.

There are plenty of ideas to get creative and arty whilst having fun and getting to know each other better.

Get baking

7 rewarding Easter date ideas - Christian Connection blogFor another fun Easter date idea, it’s always fun to bake together as a date. You have to work as a team – or you might want to compete with each other to make the tastiest offerings – and then there’s the joy of eating your creations at the end!

There are a whole range of seasonal recipes for this time of year so lots to choose from: hot cross buns, simnel cake, Easter nests, or chocolate cornflake cakes with mini chocolate or fruity eggs. The only question is whether you’ll make them all…

Take on a reading challenge

You could commit to reading an Easter book together, over Lent or Easter. Choose one that challenges you to grow as a Christian and as a couple, if that’s where your relationship is at. You can take time out to discuss it, which is a good conversation starter. You could read it separately and meet to talk about it, or you could read it aloud together which is a wonderfully bonding experience.

Easter is an exciting time, and should be focused on Jesus no matter what our relationship status. Whatever Easter date ideas you try, this can be a perfect opportunity for you to get to know someone while you explore the season, to grow as a couple in Christ if you’re more established, and create some healthy habits, putting God first in your relationship while having fun too.

What Easter date ideas are you most tempted to try?

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