“We couldn’t hide how happy we were” – Andrei & Chloe, our Christian Connection story

“Hello there. My name is Chloe and we met on Christian Connection. I’d like to share our story with you. My friend met her husband on the website as well. I am in my 30s, and had a free week with the website. I worked at a boarding hostel, in Dunedin. I came home one day to see who was on. Saw this breakdancer photo of Andrei, and we got chatting. I am a dancer and I loved the shot from the Oriental bay here in Wellington. I decided to give him a wave, well I didn’t just give him one wave I gave him 10. Just in case he didn’t get my first one.

Andrei is in IT, so we got chatting, so much so it’s coming up a year next week since our first message. He asked for my phone number. Help, I thought, this is serious. So I gave my number, and he called, we chatted each night long into the night, as he was still in Wellington. We both have disabilities, mine is Mild Cerebral palsy, and he has Epilepsy.
So we talked much about our health.

He impressed me with his Faith in the Lord, and I impressed him with owning a gym. We talked for 18 weeks, I asked my parents if this man could come to Dunedin to meet up and stay. They said yes, as they would like to see him too. So I made up his guest room and came no sooner, I invited Andrei, he booked tickets.

This is where it gets fast. Judging by his Filipino looks and hair style, and photos on the website, we texted each other what we were wearing, well when we met at the airport, I knew he was the special one for me. I tried to take him out to a street food place, but it closed down, so we ended up at a Korean place, owned by Christians. We fell for each other then and there. Like we had known each other for a long time.

He paid for the food, and I drove him home to meet my brother and family but it was late at night. So in the morning, I am a chef so cooked him a cooked brekkie, and reached out and grabbed his hand and didn’t let go. He like this a lot as his love language is physical touch. I loved Andrei much, I took him to my old work place, Larnach Castle, and showed him around.

Day 2. I wanted to get to know more about him he only had a weekend a short weekend but none the less it was fun. We talked over a setting sunset, had my first kiss, I thought help that was pretty good, I’ll ask him. So I said, Andrei will you marry me? That was on day 2, and he said Yes, so I was now engaged to a loving soft guy. He held me, as I wriggled with laugher, and we had running races along the beach.

I hid it from my parents, just for a day. We came home and couldn’t hide how happy we were. So we went out to a Filipino place to eat, and we talked about it, and he made a call to my Dad, to see if it was ok. Dad said yes, so we all celebrated it.
I took Andrei to church on Sunday, and we had a family dinner, and we broke the news to my brothers and sister in law who guessed our news.

Andrei gave me an engagement watch that he had at the time, to promise me that he will come back, and to remind me that love takes time. I could trust him with all my heart. So he came down every month, we planned the wedding. We sent out invites on email, we had the wedding at the school I worked at.

They gave us the chapel as a gift, and being a boys school I was the first women in the history in the school to be married there. We made it into the wedding registry. It was a perfect day in Dunedin. My best friend was the maid of honour. The wedding was perfect. we got married in February this year.

Thank you for the service that you offer, because Andrei and I thought that we would still be single. But I fully believe that Jesus has a special one out there for our friends. I am loving being Andrei’s wife, and caring for him. Marriage takes work, but it’s so worth it.

Thank you.
Lots of love
Chloe and Andrei”

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