7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Elena and Josh

“Be open to the possibility…” – 7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023

It’s always a joy to share the encouraging stories couples who’ve met on Christian Connection send in. Each story is unique – a coming together of two people who would never have met without that first (brave!) wave or message. Or without first taking the leap and becoming a member! As we reach the end of the year, here are just a handful of the couples who’ve shared their #MetOnCC stories and lots of great advice for Christian Connection members, as well as what we’ve noticed helps to make a lasting connection.

Be proactive

One of the recurring themes shared by couples who met on Christian Connection is the importance of being proactive. For Elena, this meant using a feature on CC she hadn’t known about. “Our wedding day was 50 weeks after we first connected – through the “Discover” function! We would never have met through set filters due to wife being 4 yrs older. This has been shared from our honeymoon and we couldn’t be happier! Praise the Lord!” Watch their story in their own words…


Be brave

7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Angela and Shane's wedding

Angela and Shane

Angela met Shane on Christian Connection, and they got in touch to let us know they’d got married and were enjoying life together. Of course, that’s not where they started! Angela said: “I had only been on Christian Connection for a couple of weeks and as I was scrolling I noticed Shane’s profile. His photo really showed who he is through his eyes and his smile! I like his profile too so I hit ‘wave’.” Once connected she found the had lots in common: “We chatted non stop for three weeks, we would talk about our children, Jesus, The Bible and our weird sense of humour was both a mutual thing!” Read more of their story here.

Have hope

7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Fiona and Jonny

Fiona and Jonny

Fiona joined Christian Connection after a very sad bereavement. She felt the time was right for something to being, and said “I had been a widow for four years and it felt like God was preparing me for a new season. Jonny had only just re-joined CC a couple of weeks before we started speaking and we decided to meet on New Years Eve 2021 and it felt like as we stepped into a new year, our lives were going to dramatically change.”

Read Fiona and Jonny’s story here.


7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Alison and Andy's wedding day

Alison and Andy

When someone sends a nice message or waves hello, it’s a great idea to reply! When Andy messaged Alison, she decided to take a chance: “I had seen him but not contacted him, but when he got in touch I thought, ‘Why not get to know him?'” After lots of messaging, they met up and enjoyed walks, picnics and dates in the great outdoors, they got engaged and are now married.

Alison said: “God has blessed us so much in giving us each other. Andy’s daughters have accepted me very warmly into the family and our relationship is going from strength to strength. We are both very thankful to Christian Connection for helping us to meet each other.” Read more of their lovely story here.

Share your faith

7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Oluwatobi and Will

Oluwatabi and Will

“I have been on Christian connection for at least 8 years on and off and going on lots of dates and meeting lovely people but never clicking with anyone or feeling confident about meeting again,” Will told us. That changed when he met Oluwatobi, and sharing their faith made a big difference to them both: “The most important thing I have learned is don’t be afraid to read the bible together, if you have a solid friendship and you can trust each other. It has deepened our relationship more than I ever could and made me fall in love with her.”

Read Oluwatobi and Will’s story here.

Don’t be afraid to try again

7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Agape and Wayne

Agape and Wayne

Understandably it can be hard to consider meeting someone new after a bad experience. It’s always encouraging to see couples who met on Christian Connection tell us about the healing they’ve found after a difficult time. Agape and Wayne shared their story: “It’s been a blissful relationship. Everything has been falling in place for us. We met after going through relationships that broke us but thanks to God, we’ve seen each other grow in different aspects of our lives.” We were thrilled to see their beautiful wedding picture too.

Read Agape and Wayne’s story here.

Be open minded

7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Abigail and Alex

Alex’s mountain top proposal to Abigail!

Abigail told us she first had to overcome her prejudices about online dating before she joined Christian Connection: “I was so against dating online. I thought that it wasn’t organic enough but I realised that if you are serious about finding someone then don’t put barriers in your way. You’re only going to make it much harder for your self than it needs to be. Praise God.” She met Alex, who lived over 200 miles away, on CC, and after a proposal on a rock climbing trip, they are now happily married. Read their story here.

And Charlie & Ruth, whose “Be open to the possibility…” advice opened this post, will be sharing their full story across our social media channels very soon. If you want a sneak preview, here’s some of their advice for single Christians: “Both of us had spent many years looking for the right person, often feeling in tough times that it would never happen. Time and again either of us would be at someone else’s wedding and think: ‘When will it be my turn?'”

They added, “Some people say the right person will come along just when you don’t expect it, as if nobody has to lift a finger. It’s not true and we thank God for sites like Christian Connection that provide an opportunity to do something proactive.”  If you want to read more now, here it is.

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