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How to have a great first date - Christian Connection dating advice

How to have a great first date

I remember the day I went on my first date in fifteen years. Could this thing called internet dating possibly hold any potential for me when it came to meeting someone special to share my life with? I now know the answer was Yes. This date was the first of quite a few before I met my husband, and along the way I picked up some ideas for handling them so they felt natural, not an ordeal. This definitely helped when I met the man I married so here are tips for before, during, and after meeting someone new, so you can have a great first date.

6 easy ways to be gentle with yourself when dating - Christian Connection dating advice

6 easy ways to be gentle with yourself when dating

So, you’d like to meet someone with faith, someone you could come to love and maybe, just maybe, share your life with? Congratulations and welcome to a life-changing journey! Like any journey, physical or emotional, it’s vital to look after yourself along the way. The key to this? Be gentle with yourself. It’s a great way of balancing your emotions and inner resilience. If you’re wondering what gentleness with yourself looks like in practice when you’re dating, here are some simple but effective ideas.

6 helpful things to do if nobody seems interested - Christian Connection dating advice

6 helpful things to do if nobody seems interested

As an online dating newbie a few years back I can well remember the mixture of emotions that followed upon posting my first online profile. There was the initial flurry of excitement at reaching out and trying something which I knew had huge potential to help me meet a life-partner. But there was also the uncertainty and hesitancy summed up by the thought, “What if nobody seems interested?” Well, someone was interested and we’ve now been married for six years! But in the time leading up to this connection, sometimes that nagging feeling would come back to haunt me and so it was important to find ways of dealing with it and getting past it. If you’re wondering how to get beyond that feeling and move forward, read on…

6 dating resolutions not to make this year - Dating advice from Christian Connection dating site and app

6 dating resolutions not to make this year

It’s that time of year again. First come the festivals, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, then come the New Year’s resolutions, maybe including ones for dating and relationships. Don’t tell anyone I said this but sometimes the mere thought of all these new actions I’m resolving to take makes me feel like lying down for a rest first. So that got me thinking: how about making some dating ‘anti-resolutions’ instead? You know, all the things you definitely aren’t going to do? Here are six dating resolutions not to make this year…

6 fun new year dating resolutions - Christian Connection dating advice

6 fun new year dating resolutions to make this year

Now Christmas Day is over, you might be thinking about the year ahead and what new year dating resolutions to make. It’s a great time to take a moment and reflect. ‘Twixmas’. ‘Crimbo Limbo’. ‘Romjul’ (if you speak Norwegian). Whatever you call that indefinite space between Christmas and New Year, why not do a gentle stock-take of your dating life and focus attention on the year ahead? Here are six suggestions for a fruitful year ahead…

Fun Autumn date ideas from Christian Connection dating site and app

5 fun Autumn date ideas

There is often a seasonal flavour to dating. Summer dates bring with them a delicious sense of freedom from being outdoors, winter dates give the cosy sensation of being inside on a cold day or embracing the chill. But how about times of year with variable temperatures and hours of daylight? Here are five ideas for dates you can try during the ‘in-between’ seasons, including some great Autumn date ideas.

Dating after divorce - Christian Connection advice

6 helpful tips for dating after divorce

It might sound negative to talk about dating after divorce – or even divorce – on a Christian dating site but the reality is that many of us know the pain of divorce yet truly desire a marriage which is ‘till death us do part’. I’ve travelled this road. Married in my mid-twenties, I found myself alone in my forties when my husband left me for someone else he had become involved with. I then spent several years as a single person before meeting and marrying a lovely man who had been through his own difficult divorce before we met. Here’s what I found helpful to consider about dating after divorce along the way:

Fun and quirky date ideas from Christian Connection

6 fun and quirky date ideas

Not so long ago, Going On A Date used to be a simple matter of choosing which café, pub, restaurant or film to go to. The list of options was limited, even if the company was the main attraction so it didn’t matter too much. While I love doing all these things, what strikes me these days is how much more opportunity there is to have varied and original experiences involving trying something new with no shortage of fun or quirky date ideas.
Meeting up is happening again and there’s lots to try and interesting things to invite someone to join you at. The good news is that the hospitality industry is super-keen to encourage business so there might be special deals on offer too. Here are six fun date ideas to try.


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