Why healthy boundaries are key to successful dating - Christian Connection dating advice

Why healthy boundaries are key to successful dating

How do we set ourselves up for dating success rather than dating disasters? How do we ensure that we make good choices in relationships and avoid hurting ourselves and others? For me, the key lies in healthy boundaries. There are many types of boundaries we can set with ourselves and others to ensure we stay emotionally and physically safe and avoid pain and hurt. But how do boundaries apply to dating and relationships?

Do your best - and let God do the rest! - Christian Connection dating advice

Do your best – and let God do the rest!

Have you ever heard the saying “do your best and let God do the rest”? It is a popular saying and one that I think can be applied to dating. Sometimes we erroneously expect God to do all the work for us, and whilst God obviously leads and guides us, usually, when it comes to dating, we have some work to do ourselves. It might be as big as deciding to try something you haven’t tried before, or as small as saying yes to an invite to hang out with friends. But, whatever it may be, a single Christian seeking a relationship would need to take some definite steps.

How to help your church become more single friendly - Christian Connection blog

How to help your church become more single friendly

If you’ve been single in church for a while, you may have noticed that a lot of churches don’t really know what to do with single people. Perhaps you’ve struggled to relate to a sermon, or sat patiently through a 10 minute anecdote about the preacher’s happy family. Maybe you’ve started attending a new church and no one has come to say hello. Maybe you’re just wondering where you fit in. It’s no new fact that many churches tend to focus on couples and families, and single people report feeling overlooked, misunderstood and even unwelcome. The good news is that change is possible – and it can start with us! As an individual, here are a few things you can do to help your church become more single friendly, better welcome and include single people.


“It really is a privilege that God paired us together” – James & Pam, our Christian Connection story

When Pam first joined Christian Connection she had just one goal: “I was actually looking for friends at the time. I was newly saved.. and I was looking to change my friendship circle around to find more likeminded people. I came across Christian Connection…” And, soon after joining, she spotted James’s profile! Now her story is one of a changed life: “I wanted a friend now I’ve got a husband and a child and everything else included.”

7 inspiring energetic date ideas - Christian Connection dating advice

7 inspiring energetic date ideas

Some days the idea of a casual coffee or sedate walk just isn’t going to make the cut for a date. Whether you’re naturally high energy or just fancy trying something different, embracing an energetic date idea or two can give you something to bond over and maybe find a new shared interest. If you enjoy an adrenaline-packed experience or are just feeling bored of the usual routine, doing something active together could be a great change, and it doesn’t have to be expensive – or risky!

4 truths to remember while looking for love - Christian Connection dating advice

4 truths to remember while looking for love

Dating can be exciting and fun but if our journey to a happy, healthy relationship includes some unexpected bumps in the road or takes longer than we’d hoped, we can become disillusioned or downhearted. Here are four truths that will help you to continue to date with your head held high, with your self-esteem intact, with hope in your heart and with the certainty that God is on your side.

7 relaxing date ideas for low-energy days - Christian Connection dating advice

7 relaxing date ideas for low-energy days

Meeting up for a date can be exciting just because you’re getting to spend time with someone interesting with romantic potential. But you shouldn’t feel pressure to make every occasion an extravaganza. Sometimes what you need are relaxing date ideas. As well as creating space for conversation to develop – or opportunities for comfortable silences – taking your time in a low key setting can help to deepen your connection too.


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