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5 great ways to value friends while dating - Christian Connection dating advice

5 great ways to value friends while dating

Once dating starts to get a little more serious, there are stepping stones to integrate two different lives. Often one of the first of these is the meeting of each other’s friends. Friends can make or break a relationship, especially if their opinion sways you. Meeting your new partner’s friends can be very nerve-wracking, so what should you consider? How can you continue to value friends as you date? And what might be going on under the surface, with your friends or theirs?

7 things to consider before dating after loss - Christian Connection dating advice

7 things to consider before dating after loss

Someone called remarriage “the triumph of hope over experience”. I see it as the triumph of hope AND experience. A tangible sign of grace in the possibility of being granted new chances, especially if the thought of dating after loss seems overwhelming. As CS Lewis said of his own late marriage, “I never expected to have in my sixties the happiness that passed me by in my twenties.” But considering dating, starting a new relationship, and eventually creating a new marriage after a divorce or bereavement has its complications, and here are some issues worth reflecting on.

How to help your church become more single friendly - Christian Connection blog

How to help your church become more single friendly

If you’ve been single in church for a while, you may have noticed that a lot of churches don’t really know what to do with single people. Perhaps you’ve struggled to relate to a sermon, or sat patiently through a 10 minute anecdote about the preacher’s happy family. Maybe you’ve started attending a new church and no one has come to say hello. Maybe you’re just wondering where you fit in. It’s no new fact that many churches tend to focus on couples and families, and single people report feeling overlooked, misunderstood and even unwelcome. The good news is that change is possible – and it can start with us! As an individual, here are a few things you can do to help your church become more single friendly, better welcome and include single people.

7 relaxing date ideas for low-energy days - Christian Connection dating advice

7 relaxing date ideas for low-energy days

Meeting up for a date can be exciting just because you’re getting to spend time with someone interesting with romantic potential. But you shouldn’t feel pressure to make every occasion an extravaganza. Sometimes what you need are relaxing date ideas. As well as creating space for conversation to develop – or opportunities for comfortable silences – taking your time in a low key setting can help to deepen your connection too.

How to live your best single life - Christian Connection blog

How to live your best single life

When I ask people to list the qualities they’re looking for in a partner, they often say they’d like to find someone who’s living a full life, someone who has good friendships, interesting hobbies and dreams for the future. How do we find that person? First, we become that person ourselves.


“We gave each other a second chance” – Angie & David, our Christian Connection story

“My now-husband David and I first started chatting on Christian Connection, after he ‘accidentally’ liked me, when he thought he was only putting me on a saved list! I initiated conversation, and looking back on our chat, the poor guy was writing me essays and I was giving him short responses. I am a truly terrible person! And to add to that, I regrettably ghosted him after a while as life got busy and I was experiencing disappointment after disappointment in my love life. Not that it is any excuse! But regardless, God had other plans…


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