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How to ask a date about their values - Christian Connection dating advice

Better Conversations – How to ask a date about their values

Once you start to move past the introductions and icebreakers, you’ll want to know someone more deeply – you’ll need to know about their values. Going beyond the superficial, these are the things that determine how someone really lives their life. Rather than ask outright about values, entering into a conversation about real choices and experiences can be revealing and feels more natural. Here are seven questions that help you ask a date about their values.

5 ways to ask about faith - Christian Connection dating adviceon a date

Better Conversations – 5 ways to ask about faith on a date

Looking for a partner who shares your faith is of key importance for Christian Connection members. But how can the reality of lived faith come out through dating conversation? Being able to repeat the story of how you became a Christian might be helpful, but how can you go deeper into how you experience your faith every day? Here are some conversation starters to help you to ask about and talk about your faith when you’re getting to know someone.


Better Conversations – 9 low pressure date questions

Wouldn’t it be nice if the simplest questions could get us the answers we need? Or if we could answer a question about our hopes, what motivates us, or who we care about in a way that doesn’t sound like a cliché? Often if we’re asked about our values, our priorities, relationships, faith and anything that goes deeper than our favourite burger, conversational stage fright can set in. Or we can be so well prepared with a ‘good’ answer, we might not stop to reflect on whether things have changed or we’re being as open as we could be. Here are nine low pressure date questions to take a conversation deeper without awkwardness…

6 simple dating icebreakers - Christian Connection dating advice

Better Conversations – 6 simple dating icebreakers

Speaking for the first time can be an anxious experience. No matter how much you’re looking forward to finally hearing someone’s voice – whether on the phone, a video call or face to face across a café table – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous. Having some simple dating icebreakers can really help. As part of Christian Connection’s #BetterDating resources, we’re starting the #BetterConversations week with some easy questions to launch into that first chat without nerves.


Welcome to Christian Connection’s Better Conversations

Welcome to Christian Connection’s Better Dating, Better Connections resources. For over 20 years Christian Connection has been helping single Christians just like you meet and form lasting relationships. We’ve heard from thousands of couples who first connected through the site and app, who each have an encouraging, enriching story to share. And it’s good to remember that each love story started with a conversation. A simple hello, a friendly question, an exchange that led to more.
So, in addition to our weekly blog full of dating and relationship advice, we’re sharing easy ways to help you date better, build stronger relationships and get to know like-minded single Christians, starting with the basis of great relationships: Better Conversations.

Building trust through communication - 6 simple steps - Christian Connection dating advice

Building trust through communication – 6 simple steps

How you communicate is key to building trust, and trust is foundational to any relationship. Trust takes time to develop but can easily be lost in a second. It’s precious, valuable, to be treasured, protected and constantly built on. Without trust, a relationship falls apart – communication fails, insecurities creep in and it’s no longer just the two of you and God. Instead, it’s the two of you and doubt. Trust needs to be built from the very start of a relationship, be it friendship or romance.

5 great ways to improve your dating environment - Christian Connection dating advice

5 great ways to improve your dating environment

We all desire to be in healthy relationships, and whilst we cannot always just make it happen, there are several things we can do to give ourselves the opportunity or increase our chances of finding one. When you’re looking to be in a healthy relationship, it is important to put yourself in the right environment – physically, socially, and even mentally – to enable that to happen. So, how do you improve your dating environment to ensure you’re in a space that helps you find a healthy relationship? And how can you overcome any limitations to enable this?


7 great ways to show appreciation

Whether you are dating, in a relationship or married for a long time, one of the main keys to a successful relationship is finding ways to show appreciation. If your ‘appreciation box’ is filled up, you’re more likely to give out love more easily. If your box is empty, then it’s very hard to maintain a healthy relationship. If you appreciate your partner, then they will feel loved and filled up, ready to show you appreciation. If you feel appreciated by your partner, then you are going to find it much easier to show love and appreciation and be happier in a relationship or when dating.


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