“I had a sneaking suspicion my feelings were growing deeper” – Matt & Vicky, our Christian Connection story

Matt and Vicky met on Christian Connection and recently got married. Matt said, “I figured it was time to be proactive in looking for a partner rather than just waiting around. I wanted to use a Christian site as it is in line with my faith and beliefs.” For Vicky, it was a time for change: “I had used Christian Connection previously in my 20s but had taken a number of years out to be intentionally single. I prayed a lot about rejoining CC and felt that God said the time was right.”

3 great ways to make opportunities in the year ahead - Christian Connection dating advice

3 great ways to make opportunities in the year ahead

As we come to the end of the year you might be looking back and thinking about all the things that you hoped to achieve this year that didn’t quite work out. This is especially true if you were hoping to meet someone or start dating. If that’s you, don’t despair. A new year always brings with it chances to make opportunities for different things, and starting a relationship is one of them. The only caveat is that you would need to be open-minded, and perhaps try things that you haven’t tried before. There are many opportunities you could take hold of in the new year, and you could even make some of those opportunities yourself!

Being true to you: How to live authentically in 2024 - Christian Connection dating advice

Being true to you: How to live authentically in 2024

New Year. A blank page. As 2024 begins and we make plans, set intentions and prepare to write a new story, there’s a question that’s worth holding in our hearts and keeping at the forefront of our minds: how do I live authentically this year? This question could be posed in different ways: how do I stay true to myself? How do I live in alignment with my values? How do I live in accordance with God’s plan for my life? How do I live with integrity?


“It felt like I knew her and she knew me” – Moyo & Yinka, our Christian Connection story

“I wanted to meet somebody that was a Christian. And I just felt like Christian Connection was the right place.” When Yinka set out to find a special connection, her Christian Connection profile led her to Moyo, whose friends had told him he needed “to get yourself out there… meet new people”. Find out how Moyo and Yinka went from Facetiming and mini golf to a great love story and three weddings…

6 top tips for taking the leap into love in 2024 - Christian Connection dating advice - young couple together

6 top tips for taking the leap into love in 2024

As we ring out the old year and welcome in 2024, our thoughts turn to all the opportunities the new year could bring. As a leap year, we already know one thing the year ahead has in store: one extra day! While February 29th might not be the best date for a birthday, years containing a leap day are often viewed as special, and can be seen as a time to be bold, especially when it comes to love. So whether you’re making a new start or a fresh start when it comes to online dating, you’ve picked the perfect time to make the most of all Christian Connection has to offer and leap into love!

7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023 - Elena and Josh

“Be open to the possibility…” – 7 things couples who met on Christian Connection taught us in 2023

It’s always a joy to share the encouraging stories couples who’ve met on Christian Connection send in. Each story is unique – a coming together of two people who would never have met without that first (brave!) wave or message. Or without first taking the leap and becoming a member! As we reach the end of the year, here are just a handful of the couples who’ve shared their #MetOnCC stories and lots of great advice for Christian Connection members, as well as what we’ve noticed helps to make a lasting connection.

Montage of images from the most popular Christian dating blog posts of 2023 - Christian Connection great dating advice

Looking for great dating advice? Here are our most popular blog posts of 2023

Every week the Christian Connection blog has new advice, encouragement and inspiration for daters at all stages of life. Whether you’re looking for interesting, original date ideas, support as you navigate getting to know someone or learn from real life experiences, we ask experts and those who’ve been on similar journeys to share their wisdom. Over the years, this has grown into a diverse resource full of great dating advice. From practical tips on dating well to inspiring love stories that started with a click and a wave on Christian Connection, here are our most popular posts this year on the CC blog.

5 great ways to connect this Christmas - Christian Connection blog

5 great ways to connect this Christmas

The Christmas season is a time for connection, reconnection and new connections. For most of us, it’s a time for being together, for meaningful conversations, and surrounding yourself with the people you love, whether family or friends. A very famous Christmas film opens with clips of connection: people coming home to arrivals at an airport, with joyful connections, hugs, kisses, handshakes, seeing old friends, new friends, loved ones, which fills the viewer with warmth. If you’re wondering how to connect this Christmas, here are some simple ways.


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